Final Project Planning and Evaluation – Audio for Film

As I am currently umm-ing and arr-ing in regards to my project for the 5th trimester, I would like to touch on the project planning and evaluation aspects of my final project, as it has taken up quite a lot of my research time at the moment. Originally, I had planned for my final project to be based around great musicians and great studio sessions to come up with an EP or something similar. As per usual, my plans have since been discarded, as an excellent opportunity to work with an upcoming actor has presented itself instead! My partner in … Continue reading Final Project Planning and Evaluation – Audio for Film

Calibrating Your Mixing Environment

Hello all! Just recently, the Blue Team had a session with Guy Grey on calibrating speakers for your mixing environment, which is something I didn’t know how to do until then! Before I get into the calibration process, I would just like to touch on a few reasons why this step is extremely important in the first place. The first major benefit of calibrating your speakers is the headroom you will then give yourself in the mixes. More dynamic range can then be added into your mixes! Secondly, you allow yourself some standardization. Of course, with every different room we … Continue reading Calibrating Your Mixing Environment

Horror Soundscape : Sound Design

Hi there! Last Friday the blue team watched the horror film ‘The Conjuring’ for a little soundscaping exercise. Once finishing the film we broke down the audio and were to use the listed techniques and aesthetics to create a horror soundscape of our own! Below is what our project brief looked like: Music: Distressed, Tense, Suspense and Dissonance. Sound: Minimal, Organic, Hyper realistic and Spacious. Dynamics: Hyper dynamic, Empty, Mood-changes and Movement. Effects: Diagetic/Non, Heartbeat, Pink noise, Character experience. Create a 2-3 minute experience. First off for my soundscape, I knew that I wanted to combine not only The Conjuring … Continue reading Horror Soundscape : Sound Design


Well howdy! In accordance with LO05 I will be analysing the aesthetic production of two different tracks separately, and will then follow on to compare the two and their techniques. The aesthetics involved with audio and music production really plays an important part when it comes to achieving the desired outcome of your tracks. The understanding of a clients desired aesthetic is 100% necessary for any audio engineer, without this understanding, there’s a really high chance your client is not going to bother with you again! As always, communication is key, receiving details such as: the genre, influences, and instruments involved are just a … Continue reading AESTHETIC PRODUCTION, ANALYSIS & COMPARISON

Analysis #3 The Living Tombstone – FNAF1

The song ”Five nights at freddy’s song 1” written and performed by The Living tombstone is a  ”Electro Pop” song. Lyrically Five nights at Freddy’s song 1, describes the feelings of the animatronic’s in the pizzeria. The song itself invokes dramatic-ism and mixed feeling for the animatronic’s. There is a good mix of different instruments and sound fx’s throughout this song. The song features a moderate tempo of 103 beats per minute. Brief intro of the Musicality and emotions conveyed: With various unique instrumentation utilisation including a range/variety of synthesizers, drum machines, electric guitars and sound fx, the song starts with a kind of ”misunderstood/scary” feel and as … Continue reading Analysis #3 The Living Tombstone – FNAF1

Analysis #2 RTL – Twisted Truth

The song ”Twisted Truth” written and performed by The RTL Project is a great mix of genre’s but i’d say ”Alternative Rock” song. Lyrically Twisted Truth describes a man who isn’t guilty being blamed for a crime he did not do/people setting him up and also how the main is objecting against all these accusations. This song seems to have a ”Queen” influence as it reminds me very much of their songs.  The song itself seems disjointed and almost mixed and matched with other genre’s , the musicianship is great within this piece and everything just comes together somehow. Brief intro of the … Continue reading Analysis #2 RTL – Twisted Truth

Production Techniques & Applications

[ #1 Parallel Compression ] An interesting production technique I came across whilst researching for my mixdowns was parallel compression. I am choosing to talk about this production technique today because it was one I attempted to apply to the track “Sundrenched” (as previously blogged about), but unfortunately, whether it was the recording itself or the type of drum used, I didn’t feel confident enough in the result to put it in the final mix.  I then considered using the technique for “Wayfaring Stranger” as the drums in that track did get a little bit lost at times rather than being overpowered … Continue reading Production Techniques & Applications