Copyright and Intellectual Property

Through the development of my groups project “The Place Beyond the Pines” it was necessary to access some online, free sound samples for parts of our Foley. Clearly, this could become an issue if we were to publish our product, and the creator of the sounds had their rights and claim to their samples. Luckily, in this case we had retrieved our samples from I also happened to use this site for my horror soundscape, so project aside, if I wanted to also publish my soundscape in anyway I would have to check the licenses involved with first. … Continue reading Copyright and Intellectual Property

Mixing in Surround (5.1)

In order to get this LO checked off, my teammate Jordan Brose and I headed into the C24 with our second bank robbery audio. First things first, we calibrated the environment in the same method mentioned in my previous blog on calibration. Next up, we booted up our ProTools session and assigned all our outputs to 5.1. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a mix up with the IO settings and thus, struggled for a few hours on why the speaker setting was inverted…and why we weren’t getting anything at all out of our rear speakers! After searching around we … Continue reading Mixing in Surround (5.1)

Repairing Audio Signals to Improve Sound Quality & New Audio Assets

As I mentioned in my production blog for The Place Beyond the Pines our group had decided to record as much Foley as possible with the dialogue, having our voice actor wear a bag on his front as the actor did, and move accordingly to capture the right sound. This worked well, however, when I went to double the dialogue to boost the vocal presence, I didn’t actually want to boost too much of the background noise. I was looking for a clean dialogue track and knew I needed to do some editing and filtering to make that audio signal … Continue reading Repairing Audio Signals to Improve Sound Quality & New Audio Assets

Revising my Horror Soundscape

After giving it a bit of a break, I decided to go back and revise my horror soundscape after reading some of the peer feedback I received. Overall, the feedback indicated the piece was more “creepy” than “scary” but that’s something I’m pretty ok about! In terms of improvement and alterations to my piece, I took the following comment and decided to work on incorporating those suggestions into the track. 1) For this comment I simply went through my piece and really tried to balance some of the sounds. It seems I did go a little bit overboard with the … Continue reading Revising my Horror Soundscape

Dialogue Development – The Place Beyond the Pines

As I covered some of the pre production on The Place Beyond the Pines in my previous blog, I think it’s time to approach some of the production stages. My role in the production scheme of things was to complete all of the Foley for two bank robbery scenes, complete the ADR, and manage the dialogue recording session in The Audient. The Audient: After allowing ourselves another pre production meeting before getting into our first Audient session, we decided as a group that it would be ideal to not only record the dialogue, but also the Foley at the same … Continue reading Dialogue Development – The Place Beyond the Pines

Project Reflection & Pre Production Notes

Throughout the beginning of this trimester I was at a loss as to what I really wanted to work on for my project. With my CIU212 project slowly coming together via exhausted amounts of communication and rescheduling with my client, I was really looking for something I could more or less rely on myself to complete. Luckily enough, Akshay had the great idea of audio replacement for a film that had already been established and developed! This meant no rescheduled filming dates, unreliable actors or filming catastrophes – exactly what I was wanting. Teaming up with Jordan Brose and Ashley … Continue reading Project Reflection & Pre Production Notes

Jazz Recording with Bart Stenhouse – Evaluation / Participation & Influence

Hey all, So last week was a very busy week for our little group of AUS230-ers, as we had been given the opportunity to record a brilliant group of Jazz musicians! Bart Stenhouse, who I had the pleasure of observing in the studio just last trimester, made a comeback this trimester with eight new jazz tracks utilising the drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, flamenco guitar and vibraphone. Our class was divided into two groups, the red team and the blue team, and then set off to record four tracks each over the period of two days. I was placed in … Continue reading Jazz Recording with Bart Stenhouse – Evaluation / Participation & Influence